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Mechanical and Insrumental Engineering (RMCN0)
Professional Bachelor Study Programme
2020./2021. Spring Semester

Schedule: Course 4 , Group 1

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Transcripts of addresses
K – Kaļķu street, M – Meža street, Āz – Āzenes street (Ķīpsala), Kr – Kronvalda boulevard, V - Viskalu street (Ezermalas), Lo – Lomonosova street, In – Indriķa street, Ve - Ventspils street, Kc - Kalnciema street, PV- Paula Valdena street (before Āzenes street), S1 - Sētas street 1 (before Meža 1/3), D2 - Daugavgrīvas street 2 (before Meža 1/4), Ķīp - Ķīpsalas street (before Āzenes street)

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